After School Program

Our Lady of Victory's after school program is known as Project Love.

All children in Kindergarten Prep (Pre-K) and in grades K - 8 are eligible to participate in Project Love. It is our mission to provide a safe, loving and caring environment for your child.

How Much is Project Love?

Project Love costs $5 per hour per child. Project Love is billed weekly and due by the end of the next week on Fridays. Project Love invoices are sent home with children.

How does Project Love work?

Project Love starts at 2:10 and ends at 5:10 PM. Our program is also normally available on days where early dismissals are scheduled (does not apply to inclement weather early dismissals where Project Love and all other after school activites are cancelled).

Children are picked up at their classroom by one of our Project Love Supervisors.

The afternoon starts in our art/music room on the first floor for children in Grades 1 - 8 or in the Kindergarten Prep (Pre-K) room for children in Kindergarten Prep and Kindergarten. Each child is provided a snack and bottle of water.

Starting at 2:40 PM, all children will do homework, read or take part in a very quiet activity until 3:30 PM. Afterwards, if weather permits, children will be allowed to play outside in a fenced in play yard. If weather conditions are not favorable, then children will come together in the art/music room.

Games and toys are provided to your child. Please do not send in any toys from home. All parents are encouraged to share any games they think children will like with Project Love Supervisors. Fridays are movie days at Project Love. Parents are welcomed to send in a G rated movies.

How can I sign up my child?

Signing up for Project Love could not be easier. Simply complete the Project Love Agreement Form and send it in with your child to school. And while we ask for which days you think your child will participate in Project Love, we will only invoice you for actual use of the program. Should your child not need Project Love on a day that they are signed up for, simply send in a note with the child or call the school to notify their teacher of this change. The same goes if you would like your child to use Project Love on a day they would normally not be scheduled to attend.

Project Love offers your child tremendous flexibility!

What happens to my child if I am late?

If you are stuck in traffic or delayed for some reason, do not worry as your child will be with his/her supervisor until your arrived. A late fee of $5 for every 15 minutes after 5:10 PM, however, will be accessed.

How does inclement weather impact Project Love?

Inclement weather can impact Project Love's availability. Parents are required to complete an Alternate Dismissal Form for each child that is registered for Project Love. Visit our Inclement Weather page for more information.