Inclement Weather Policy

How do you find out if school has been cancelled, delayed or scheduled for early dismissal?

During inclement weather, Our Lady of Victory School follows West Haven Public Schools for all cancellations, delayed openings and early dismissals.

The following media outlets will carry the latest information regarding schedule changes due to inclement weather:

Radio Stations: WELI, WEZN, and WICC

TV Channels: WTNH8 and WVIT30

Calling the school, rectory, or the convent for this information is strongly discouraged as these lines need to remain open for emergencies.

Please note: In the event of a delayed opening on a scheduled half day, we will follow the West Haven Public School announcement and will have the half-day as planned with the delayed opening. Also, if the West Haven Public School announcement states no A.M. Kindergarten/Pre-K, this does not pertain to Our Lady of Victory as we have full-day Kindergarten Prep (Pre-K) and Kindergarten.

How are after school programs and activities impacted?

When school is cancelled, everything for that day is cancelled. When school dismisses early, all after school activities, special events, as well as Project Love (after school program) are cancelled.

Parents who have children scheduled to attend any after school activity or event must have an alternate plan in place to have students picked up from school. Parents who have children involved in after school events, activities, or Project Love are required to complete the Alternate Plan for Dismissal Form by September 19th of each school year. This form is kept with your child's teacher so that there is no confusion on days where inclement weather impacts the school day.

What time does school dismiss for early dismissals?

Our Lady of Victory dismisses at 12:00 PM when an early dismissal is deemed appropriate due to inclement weather. Once again, all after school activities, events and Project Love (after school program) are cancelled for the day.

How does my child get to school/ home from school when a delayed opening or early dismissal occurs?

Delayed Opening: Other than the school delaying its opening, your child will arrive to school and go home the way they normally would. After school activities and programs are also available and not cancelled when a delayed opening occurs. Delayed openings, when necessary, are 2 hours delay. All students should be arrive at school by 9:30 AM as the school bell will ring promptly at 9:45 AM.

Early Dissmisals: In the event of an early dismissal students will go home their normal way (car rider or bus). Parents of students attending Project Love or Kindergarten Prep will have provided the school with an Alternate Plan for Dismissal Form.

Who should I call if I need to make alternative arrangements for my child if he/she cannot go home their normal way?

For the safety of your child, parents are advised to call the school as soon as possible when your child can not go home how they normally would go home. The school's phone number is (203) 932-6457.